Dharamshala — Rinchen Tsultrim, a Tibetan monk sentenced to four and a half years in prison for allegedly communicating with people outside Tibet, was recently released, but his every move is still closely monitored by the Chinese authorities, so details such as his state of health and his life in prison remain unknown. The Chinese authorities treat former political prisoners very harshly, and even if they are released, they have to report to the local police station every fortnight.

Dharamshala – Chinese authorities in Wolong Township, Wenchuan County, eastern Tibet, forced Tibetan officials to sign a pledge: "not to believe in religion, not to participate in religious activities, never to promote or spread religion anywhere and always to listen to the Chinese Communist Party, be grateful to the Party, follow the Party".

Dharamshala – Chinese authorities sentenced a Tibetan monk from Kriti monastery to three years in prison, in a secret trial, at the end of 2021, over allegedly contacting prayers for those who died during the Covid-19 pandemic, and making offerings (money offering to pray) to offices of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Kirti Rinpoche for the deceased.

Dharamshala – A young Tibetan student from Tibet University in Lhasa died mysteriously, while in Chinese police detention on January 15, 2024. Many Tibetans believe that she must have died as a result of brutal torture by the Chinese authorities, as this is not the first time a Tibetan has died in custody after being arrested or detained; a Tibetan woman called Lhamo died in custody in recent years due to inhuman torture and beatings by Chinese authorities.

Dharamshala — Chinese authorities have detained a Tibetan woman, who had exercised her rights and criticised the Chinese authorities for their racial discrimination against Tibetans and for posting videos on the social media app about the incident. This is the fifth time she has been detained.

Dharamshala – The Chinese authorities arrested a Tibetan woman Gonpokyi and her husband Choekyong on Tuesday as they peacefully demonstrated outside of a Chinese court in Lhasa to demand justice for Gonpokyi's brother, Tashi Dorjee, a Tibetan businessman wrongly sentenced to life imprisonment by Chinese authorities.

Dharamshala — Chinese authorities have sentenced a Tibetan singer from Pema county, eastern Tibet, to three years' imprisonment allegedly for singing a patriotic song about Tibet on a social media platform. After disappearing for months, the Pema County Police informed his family that he had been imprisoned for three years and was currently serving his sentence in the Pema County Prison, without providing any documentation about the reasons for his imprisonment. 

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