Inferno Engulfs Pezhi Monastery: Tragic Blaze in Eastern Tibet

A massive fire ravages Garashey County in eastern Tibet on March 18, 2024, igniting fears and leaving destruction in its wake. [Photo: TPI]

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A colossal forest fire has erupted within the bounds of Garashey County, which shares its borders with Nyagchukha County in the eastern reaches of Tibet.

This conflagration has laid waste to vast swathes of the county's landscape, decimating landmarks such as the time-honoured Pezhi Monastery and its adjacent environs, as per footage disseminated from Tibet via social media platforms, as of March 18, 2024.

Phuntsok, a monk residing in India who disseminated the aforementioned video, was overcome with grief as he lamented, "Oh my God, locals indicate that Garashey County is ablaze, with Pezhi Monastery engulfed by an immense wildfire, and the spectre of peril looms over Phagmo Monastery as well."

Netizens who responded to Phuntsok's social media post on March 19, 2024, voiced their anguish at the scene, noting, "Local Tibetans are left to witness the colossal flames consuming the entirety of the monastery, with no sign of emergency response or firefighting efforts."

"Local Tibetans found themselves succumbing to tears, expressing despair with remarks such as: 'Has the smaller edifice of the monastery yet fallen prey to the flames?' 'Not as yet, but alas, all is now lost. What recourse do we have but to resign ourselves to helplessness?'" recounted a local individual, who was concurrently livestreaming the unfolding tragedy whilst reciting Buddhist mantras.

Another commentator, seemingly incensed and levelling criticism at the Chinese government, queried, "Where have all these vaunted military forces vanished in our hour of need?" One respondent opined, "China likely bears culpability for this devastation."