China arrests a Tibetan writer; prohibiting media access in eastern Tibet

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20april20091Dharamshala: TibetPost-20-April-2009-According to Tibet sources, a Tibetan monk from Ngaba Gomang monastery was arrested in the beginning of this month for alleged anti government writings. Chinese authorities in prohibiting access of media in Machu county in eastern Tibet. Another Tibetan monk was arrested on March 11 this year on charges of leaking state secrets; a Tibetan monk with contacts in Tibet.

He was accused of writing two articles that criticized the Chinese government and supported the “separatist forces of the Dalai Lama”. The Tibetan writer Dokru Tsuilrim was picked up by Chinese police from his room at Ngaba Gomang monastery.

The publication of his private journal in Tibetan language called "The Soul of Snow" (Tib: Khawai Tsesok) was also ceased, woker Tibetan online, adding that it is not known where Tsuiltrim has been detained. Tsuiltrim was born in Tsolho, and joined Ngaba Gomang monastery in 2005.

Mr. Dolkar Kyab from Norbu Lingka Institute, India Chinese officials in Machu district in Ganzu Province practicing a heavy restriction on foreign and exile media; television, internet and radio, he said.

A Tibetan from Machu district in eastern Tibet told Mr. Dolkar Kyab that, "Chinese officials in the area give strong warnings to Tibetans living in Machu District, prohibiting access to internet, radio and television such as exile Tibetan websites including Radio Free Asia or Voice of America.  Authorities erected over 170 official Chinese satellite dishes and insisted on taking any privately-owned satellite dishes capable of receiving media from outside China."

On 4-April-2009, with China exerting a strict control on information from Tibet old cases of arrests not reported earlier continue to come out.

A Tibetan monk was arrested on March 11 this year on charges of leaking state secrets; a Tibetan monk with contacts in Tibet.

Thuksam, aged 36, was a monk of Nurma monastery in Machu County. He was arrested from Labrang Tashikyil, Sangchu County eastern Tibet. The source said that Thugsam was accused of giving information about protests, arrests and beatings of Tibetans to the "separatist forces" Tibetan community in exile.

The source added that officials from the Sangchu county Public Security Bureau arrested him but it is known where he had been taken.

A Tibetan monk Phuntsok, age, 27 of Drango Monastery, hailed from Zongpa Village, Drango County, Kardze "TAP" was beaten to death by the Chinese Public Security Bureau (PSB) personnel in a ghastly manner.

China's military crackdown on Tibetan protesters in all parts of Tibet since 10 March 2008 has left 220 Tibetans dead, 1,294 injured and 290 sentenced. More than 5,600 were arrested or detained and over 1,000 disappeared