China forced Tibetan monks to learn Xi's thoughts in Mandarin to replace Tibetan

Samye Monastery located in Zharang County, Lhokha, southern Tibet. (Photo: file)

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Lhokha — Chinese authorities in Lhokha, southern Tibet, adopted new methods to teach CCP political education, patriotic education and President Xi Jinping's thoughts in Chinese to Tibetan monks in Tibetan monasteries in the Lhokha region to replace Tibetan. From this year onwards, they will intensify the propagation of the "four consciousnesses” of CCP among the general public and particularly monks in Tibet.

According to reliable sources, all the Management Committees in the Monasteries of Lhokha (Chinese: Shannan), in the so called Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) have taken a number of measures, to promote the Chinese language and script, and to promote in depth the mass publicity and education of the "four consciousnesses": consciousness of politics, consciousness of the general situation, consciousness of the [party] core, and consciousness of alignment [with the party].

Initially, these "four consciousnesses" were mainly intended for members of the Chinese Communist Party, i.e. how to behave as a party member, how to be loyal to the party and Xi Jinping, study Xi's so-called "Socialism of Chinese Characteristics", and so on. But afterwards, these practices spread throughout society and the general public, and today the Chinese authorities consider them necessary for Tibetans and in particular for the monks in Tibet. They want Tibetans to be loyal to the party and to Xi Jinping.

According the source, all the Management Committees of the Lhokha monasteries have organised more than 70 activities to teach Chinese to the monks, training more than 360 monks. From 2023 onwards, these so called "Management committees" in the Lhokha monasteries will continue to exercise the means and propagate Xi's thought on politics, socialism and teach patriotic education to Tibetan monks in the monasteries of the Lhokha region, as well as to the general public.

In addition, the Chinese authorities force the monks to learn Chinese, even though they were brought up learning Tibetan. "Teaching materials are distributed, and steps and measures are carefully explained to ensure that monks actively participate in the study of the Chinese language and script", the source said.

The source also mentioned that the Management Committee has reinforced online and offline education, through morning online reading on WeChat and daily learning in the WeChat group, in order to advance the learning of Chinese language and writing. The Management Committee of Ganden Namgyal Monastery has opened a “strengthening class” and a “basic class” to bridge the gap between the basic cultural level of monks, focusing on teaching of Chinese language and writing.

The source also said that the Chinese authorities had sent 13 members of the religious community to Beijing and Chengdu to study the historical relationship between Tibet and China, in order to have more knowledge to teach and guide Tibetan monks on Chinese history, the history that the Chinese government has created to deceive people and which never tells the truth, that Tibet has never been part of China.