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The followings are very important cultural, religious and news websites focusing on Tibet related issues today and the freedom struggle of Tibet.

World Websites on Tibet
Websites of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile www.tibet.com, www.tibet.net
Tibetan Department of Education www.tcewf.org
Office of Tibet in Japan www.tibethouse.jp
Office of Tibet in South Africa www.geocities.com/otafrica
Amnesty International www.amnesty.org
Amnesty International site for Drapchi prisoners www.drapchi14.org
Human Rights Watch www.hrw.org
Tibetan Centre for Human Rights & Democracy, Dharamsala www.tchrd.org
China Information Center www.observechina.net
UN Human Rights Declaration in Tibetan: www.unhchr.ch/udhr/lang/tic.htm
Tibet Online Resource Center www.tibet.org
International Tibet Support Network www.tibetnetwork.org
Tibetan Youth Congress www.tibetanyouthcongress.org
Guchusum (former Tibetan Political Prisoners Association) www.guchusum.org
Tibet Justice Center www.tibetjustice.org
Students for a Free Tibet www.studentsforafreetibet.org
Canada Tibet Committee www.tibet.ca
International Tibet Independence Movement, Indiana www.rangzen.com
Friends of Tibet New Zealand www.friends-of-tibet.org.nz
Israeli Friends of the Tibetan People www.tibet.org.il/
Free Tibet Campaign, London www.freetibet.org/
Independent Tibet Network www.truthtibet.com/
The Tibet Society of the UK www.tibet-society.org.uk
Comite de Soutien au Peuple Tibetain - France www.tibet-info.net/cspt/
France-Tibet www.tibet.fr/
Tibet Initiative Deutschland (Germany) www.tibet-initiative.de/
Tibet Initiative Munich (Germany) www.tibet-munich.de/
Associazione Italia-Tibet (Italy) www.padmanet.com/ait/
Den Norske Tibet-Komite, Norway www.tibet.no/
Swedish Tibet Committee www.tibet.a.se/
Swiss Tibetan Frienship Society www.tibetfocus.com/
Australia Tibet Council www.atc.org.au/
Los Angeles Friends of Tibet www.latibet.org/
Orange County Friends of Tibet, USA www.octibet.org/
TIBETMichigan, USA www.tibetmichigan.home-page.org/
U.S. Tibet Committee, New York www.ustibet.org/
Tibet Support Group Johannesburg (South Africa) www.tsgjhb.co.za/
Tibet Society of South Africa www.tibet.org.za/
The Milarepa Fund,New York www.milarepa.org/
International campaign for a UN referendum on Tibet www.heartibet.org
Tibet Vigil, London www.tibet-vigil.org.uk/
Bay Area Friends of Tibet, USA www.friends-of-tibet.org
Friends of Tibet, India www.friendsoftibet.org
Tibet Support Group, Netherlands www.tibet.nu
Tibetan Nuns Project http://www.tnp.org
Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts, Dharamsala www.tibetanarts.org
The Tibet Museum, Dharamsala www.thetibetmuseum.org/
Conservancy for Tibetan Art & Culture, Washington, D.C. www.tibetanculture.org
Tibet Fund, New York www.tibetfund.org
Tashi Lhunpo, India www.tashilhunpo.org
Tibetan Medical & Astro. Institute www.mentseekhang.org
Tibet House, New Delhi www.tibet.net/eng/tibethouse
Norbulingka Institute, Dharamsala www.norbulingka.org
The Tibet Foundation, London www.tibet-foundation.org
Amnye Machen Institute, Dharamsala www.amnyemachen.org/
Tibet House, New York www.tibethouse.org
Tibetan Sponsorship Project www.tibetaid.org/
Trans Himalayan Aid Society www.tras.ca
Swedish Tibetan Society for School and Culture www.tibet-school.org
On Tibetan Apso Dogs www.lhasa-apso.org
Maison du Tibet, France www.tibet-info.net/
American Himalayan Foundation, San Francisco www.himalayan-foundation.org
The Tibetan Alliance, Chicago www.TibetanAlliance.org/
Tibetan Cultural Center, Bloomington, IN Northwest Tibetan Cultural Association www.nwtca.org/
Casa Tibet Mexico www.tibet.iteso.mx/
The Tibet Game www.tibetgame.com/
Himalayan Arts Project www.tibetart.com
Paper Road Project www.paperroadtibet.org
Mystical Arts of Tibet www.mysticalartsoftibet.org
Budapest Tibet group www.tibet.hu/
Tibetan community in Switzerland www.keep-tibet-alive.ch/de/default.asp
Tibetan Paintings http://www.tibetanpaintings.com/
Dutch Aid to Tibetans, Netherlands http://www.shat-tibet.com/
Yak Butter Blues: A Tibetan Trek of Faith http://www.yakbutterblues.com/IntroducingYakButterBlues.html
The Tibetan Photo Project http://www.tibetanphotoproject.com
Tibet Environmental Watch www.tew.org/
Library of Tibetan Works & Archives, Dharamsala. www.tibet.net
Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies, Varanasi. www.cihts.ac.in
Edinburgh University Tibet Society, UK www.ed.ac.uk/~tibet/
Tibetan Education Network, Seattle. www.GlobalSourceNetwork.org
University of Virginia Tibet Resource, USA. www.lib.virginia.edu/area-studies/Tibet/tibet.html
Case Western Reserve University Center for Research on Tibet, USA. www.cwru.edu/affil/tibet/
ICT Website in Chinese
World Tibet News Network, Canada. www.tibet.ca/wtnnews.htm
Voice of America, Washington, D.C. www.voa.gov
Radio Free Asia, Washington, D.C. www.rfa.org
Voice of Tibet, Dharamsala www.vot.org
Tibetan Bulletin, Dharamsala www.tibetnews.com/
Tibetan Review, New Delhi www.tibetan.review.to
Tibet Times (newspaper in Tibetan), Dharamsala www.tibettimes.net/
Tibet Express ?Newspaper in Tibetan?,Dharamsala www.tibetexpress.net
Tibetan Freedom, Dharamsala www.tibet.net
Phayul.(Online News in English) www.phayul.com
The Tibet Post International (Online News in Tibetan, English and Chinese/Online Newspaper in English) www.thetibetpost.com / www.tibetpost.net
White Crane Films www.whitecranefilms.com/
Tibet news www.tibetglobe.com
PBS Program on Tibet in 1998 www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/tibet/
Compilation of photos on Tibet www.tibetimages.co.uk
Philadelphia Enquirer special report on Tibet of December 1996 www.philly.com/packages/tibet/
Tibetan radio stations www.tibetbroadcast.com/
A. Tom Grunfeld's extensive list of films and videos on Tibet http://www1.esc.edu/personalfac/tgrunfeld/
The Tibet Connection, California www.thetibetconnection.org
Snow Lion Publications, Ithaca, NY www.snowlionpub.com
Paljor Publications, New Delhi www.paljorpublications.com
Wisdom Publications, Boston, MA www.wisdompubs.org
Potala Inc., New York. www.potala.com
dZi-Tibet Collection, Washington, D.C. www.tibetcollection.com/
Tibet restaurant in Hamburg, Germany www.tibet-restaurant.de
Three Jewel Tea, www.savetibettea.com/
Tibet Sites, www.tibetsites.com
The Foundation for Universal Responsibility of His Holiness The Dalai Lama. www.furhhdl.org
Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization, The Hague, The Netherlands. www.unpo.org
The Laogai Research Foundation, Washington, D.C. www.laogai.org
Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda (CACCP), Florida. www.caccp.org
Human Rights in China, New York www.hrichina.org
Janet Herrick Photography, www.janetherrick.com
The Foundation for Universal Responsibility, www.furhhdl.org
Sharon Salzberg, www.sharonsalzberg.com