Shewatsel, Leh, Ladakh, UT, India – His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave a teaching on the "Thirty-seven practices of all the bodhisattvas" to over 45,000 Buddhists from Ladakh and people from all over the world on July 21, 2023. His Holiness said, "World peace cannot be achieved by mere talk, but it will be possible when we reduce arrogance and jealousy, anger and hatred, and strengthen our sense of love and compassion". His Holiness stressed that we are all suffering from the climate crisis and global warming, and that we must therefore help each other.

Dharamshala — "I believe that an open heart is where the seed of true action lies in each of us. I believe in our human capacity to care deeply and act collectively. I believe that we can absolutely find our way out of the planetary crisis we face, but to do so we need to change our way of thinking and start telling new stories on what is important and what is possible," said Elizabeth Wanjiru Wathuti, Kenyan climate activist at Dialogue for Our Future: A Call to Climate Action Conference, in Dharamshala, on April 21, 2022.

Dharamshala —United States of America on Thursday fired back at the Communist-totalitarian regime of China for its “meritless” claim that the Dalai Lama’s succession must comply with Chinese laws and regulations and reiterated that Tibetan communities, like all faith communities, should be able to select, educate, and venerate their religious leaders without any government interference.

Dharamshala — “We have a responsibility to ensure that future generations will continue to enjoy clean water. This is a way of expressing compassion for them. If we don’t make the effort, there is a risk of our world becoming a desert. If that happens this beautiful blue planet may become just an arid, white rock with no water,” said His Holiness the Dalai Lama on Earth Day, 2022.

CTA President Dr Lobsang Sangay during his visit to Reitaku University in Japan to deliver a talk on ‘Tibet’s Tragedy and Future’ on 18 February 2018. Photo: OOT Japan

Tokyo, Japan — "What we seek from China are freedom, justice and democracy, which are denied for the Tibetan people," President Dr Lobsang Sangay told a crowd at Reitaku University in Japan on Sunday, saying: "Tibet is an issue of morality and moral is at the very core of Tibet issue."

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