Earth’s most majestic features are its towering mountains. On a recent road trip through the breathtakingly beautiful (rainy and misty) Western Ghats in Maharashtra, I was once again, struck by the awesome majesty of mountain ranges.

Although any expanse of verdant countryside looks pretty, why is it that when such land is extruded thousands of feet into the air to form mountains, we are filled with such powerful emotions of wonder and awe?

Although a field covered with snow looks lovely, what is it about Snow-Capped Mountains that leaves us stunned? If you stare at a Mountain for long you’ll notice that they don’t always look friendly, in fact they seem proud, even arrogant.. often intimidating.

Why are we so attracted to mountains?
Why do so many of us choose to live among them and long to get back to them when we have to leave?
What makes them so inspiring that they are the favourite subject of many artists – painters, writers, photographers alike?
What makes them so superior that climbing mountains, rather ‘conquering’ mountains is on most adventure lovers’ itch lists?
Why is Reaching Mount Everest the ultimate dream?