Dharamshala: - On Thursday morning just before Max Baucus was confirmed by the US Senate to be the next US Ambassador to the People's Republic of China (PRC), President Obama addressed the annual National Prayer Breakfast.

London: - Anyone who has been reading the news in Europe will have read about Scotland's hopefully move to become a country in it's own right away from the United Kingdom.

Georgia, US: - Although overall experiences of Tibetans in exile have been successful and have been widely lauded as the most successful refugee community in the world. However, as a refugee we face various social, cultural and economic challenges.

Taipei: - Taiwan Tibetan Welfare Association (TTWA) held the 2013 International Seminar on Tibet discussing Tibet issues “from Tibetans Self-immolation analyzing the human rights and religious freedom in Tibet” on November 11, 2013 at National Taiwan University Alumni Club (NTUAC). Scholars and experts, including Tibetan exiles, were invited to the seminar publishing.

Dharamshala: - The history of Tibet, broiled in tumultuous times of usurpation, coup after coup. The glory of Ubuntu, with Utopian principles would have never been called, if we didn't came into refuge in India.

London: - Anyone who was on Facebook and has links to the Tibetan cause will have seen the petition on Avaaz that was being shared and signed all around the world last month. While it reached a hugely impressive million signature it was hollow to this editor. While a million people have taken to social media and signed the petition it does not effect Tibet in the long run and in fact it highlights what is going wrong with the Tibetan cause.

London: - Tibet’s enduring myth, animated by the tales of Himalayan adventurers, British military expeditions, and the novel Lost Horizon, remains an inspirational fantasy, a modern morality play about the failure of brutality to subdue the human spirit. Tibet also exercises immense ‘soft power’ as one of the lenses through which the world views China.

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