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Henri-Malosse-Tibet-2017Dharamshala — "The Tibet issue has a worldwide relevance. The European Union is a symbol of reconciliation among states, interdependence and the victory of values against obscurantism and nationalisms. Without these spiritual and humanist values, Europe will come back to the dark times of violence and wars.," said Mr Henri Malosse, a French representative of the business world and former President of the European Economic and Social Committee.

In an exclusive interview, The Tibet Post International (TPI) discussed with Mr Henri Malosse (HM) his position on Tibet, the EU's Tibet-China policy and how Tibet is an important issue for the EU States.

TPI: Thank you very much for accepting our interview once again! This time TPI has some questions about EU's Tibet-China policy and how Tibet is an important issue for the EU, as you are one of the EU leaders who involved in supporting Tibet issue at various levels at the EU related organs.

HM: I am allways in high spirit when I am thinking of the opportunity I had to be several times in Dharamsala, to meet the Tibetan community and over all His Holiness the Dalai Lama several times.

TPI: Can you please brief us about yourself and your recent campaign for Tibet?

HM: Currently, as former President of the European economic and Social Committee of the EU, the 5Th EU institution, where I am still a Member, I continue to be involved in a lot of actions in favor of Tibet . I had the privilege to participate last September to an international Conference on Tibet (save The Tibet) in Brussels and the Honor to deliver a speech in presence of His Holiness. Richard Gere was also present.This was the occasion for me to reaffirm my commitment for the rights of the Tibetan nation. In the same time, running for the parliamentary elections in France next June, I always make reference to the Tibetan issue and to the lessons of wisdom I received after or my talks with His Holiness.

TPI: It is very close to the March 10th, the national uprising day of Tibet, meaning that six decades have already passed. How do you view the issue of Tibet now? How it is important for the world today, particularly for the European States?

HM: The Tibet issue has a worldwide relevance. The European Union is a symbol of reconciliation among states, interdependence and the victory of values against obscurantism and nationalisms. Without these spiritual and humanist values, Europe will come back to the dark times of violence and wars. This is why Europe should stand aside by the Tibetan nation to promote ours values of interdependence. Europe is a model of a peaceful resolution for the Tibetan issue which has made already too much victims, pains and sufferings. The only issue to the actual situation is that the Chinese Leadership renew Dialogue with the Tibetan central administration in view to create the conditions for the return of His Holiness in Lassa and real perspectives of Autonomy for Tibet.

TPI: Do you think Tibet is an important issue to all European States?

HM: It should be an important issue because it's about values. The European states should be a role model in the world for respect of human values and peaceful resolutions of conflicts. Today, the European Union is in deep difficulty because lack of self confidence in its own values. The best example are the lack of solidarity in the Greek crisis or the refugees crisis. But generally, for me Tibet is a symbolic issue for Europe because it's about the respect of our values.

TPI: In recent years, China is overwhelmingly pressing world governments, as well as EU, to respect "One China Policy". Does the EU notice the trick behind this argument that Tibet is buried under the repressive policy, or is the EU intentionally surrendering Tibet into oppression?

HM: Unfortunately some European leaders have adopted a so called "realistic approach", which make them forget about their values and the question of the legitimate rights of the Tibetan nation but also the human rights for the Chinese people and all the other populations who suffer under the dictatorship of the Chinese Communist party. China is unfortunately still a dictatorship with a repressive policy which affects not just the Tibetan nation but the whole population of China. I would just mention here also the question of organ harvestings and treatment of human right fighters detained in prisons who shows the inhuman face of this regime.

TPI: Do European States take in to account the feeling of Tibetan people when they claim Tibet as a part of China?

HM: The European states forget their values when they make such claims. His Holiness benefits of the higher respect among the European population. The so called "realistic approach" of some European politicians and leaders is not shared by the European population. There is a growing concern among European population about the aggressive stand of China, not just in economics terms, but also politically.

TPI: What historical background do the European states use to insist that Tibet is a part of China?

HM: The European states just use this "realistic approach" in order to please an economic and political super power, China. This stand is not shared by European population. I think, in contrary, that the European leaders should, as I did as the unique European President to participate at the 10 Th March celebration in Dharamsala ( in 2014 ) reaffirm clearly the rights of freedom for the Tibetan nation and condemn publically all violations of Human Rights in China. This won't prevent any commercial relations with China because I think that China needs more the European markets that Europe needs Chinese products. And this new would conduct the Chinese to change their stand and start to open dialogue with the legitimate representatives of the Tibetan nation. I really hope that reason will prevail and that the European leaders will follow my recommendation. I will work for that.

TPI: If you were a Tibetan national, what are your feelings when you witness a leader of a nation openly declare Tibet as a part of China?

HM: I will try by all means to explain what is the real situation. It is important to continue, probably more actively, to be present in the social medias, in the public sphere. It is very important to explain the situation to the public opinion. You can see that there is a growing support for Tibet among Members of the European parliament, the French senate and others. This is by developing good argumentation among the civil and political society of our European countries, that we will make the difference. You can always count on my support for that.

TPI: Does the current refugee crisis in Europe affect the Tibetan issue or status of Tibetan refugees in any way?

HM: Yes, of course. I never heard any negative comment on Tibetan refugees. But the actual fear among the European population about the question of refugees create a negative climate. I would wish that the Tibetan Community shows compassion toward the question of refugees coming from countries in the middle east or Africa suffering horrible wars. Where ever they came from, refugees should be treated with dignity and Hospitality everywhere. Asylum is an international Obligation recognized by the United nations. I am ashamed when I see the actual treatment of refugees in some European countries and the actual tragedies in the Mediterranean sea when, just last year; more than 4 thousands refugees, among them a lot of women and child, died on sinking boats.

TPI: Finally, please feel free if you have any other important that we may forgetting and any special message to Tibetan people and their supporters around the world?

HM: I want to express a message of Hope to the Tibetan people. Your cause is right, never give up. The time will come where the truth will prevail. Be ready for that. It will come probably much sooner as nobody expect. reinforce your messages around the world. Be even more present in the public and social Medias. I will be always on your side.