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Dharamshala, India — The recent travel ban preventing Chinese people including their students from traveling abroad is completely different than what we saw years of the complete lockdown in the occupied territories of Tibet. The Chinese government's reasons for the China ban are “coronavirus” and the complete lockdown in Tibet is because the people living in this Himalayan nation are Tibetan people and their freedom of movement must be tightly controlled.

Forged letters, front organisations and money – How China is using soft power to influence Tibetans living abroad

Shortly after the Chinese national anthem played to a small Toronto audience, a panel took to the stage and praised China for the “support and help” it has given to Tibet.

Dharamshala — The deteriorating situation in Hong Kong sends a strong diplomatic signal to the international community that there's no future for people who worship the "one country, two systems" framework. Beijing has failed to adhere to the rule of law by denying ethno-religious minorities the rights and freedoms originally promised. Hong Kong people reacted with shock but little surprise to China's decision to bar a British activist and vocal critic of human-rights abuses in China.

Taipei — In the history of human civilisation and international politics, the territory has become one of the most contested issues. Territory represents power, reproduce power, and it also represents the culture and identity of people living on it. The essence of the territory and its association with the concept of sovereignty still plays a vital role in shaping international politics and order.

Dharamshala, India — Denver student Anna DelValle volunteered at the Tibet Post for a two week period in December 2019. The University of Denver, in partnership with Tibet World, sanctioned the brief visit. In this article, she and her classmates reflect on their time in Dharamshala and their impressions of the exiled Tibetan community.

Dharamshala, India —The Chinese Communist Party’s seventy years of rule in Tibet has failed to cultivate its legitimacy and also has failed to win the hearts and minds of Tibetans, said a think tank of the Tibetan government in-Exile, while answering the question of the illegality of Chinese actions —it is becoming more evident the CCP lacks legitimacy in Tibet.

Dharamshala — An exclusive conversation with Lobsang Dhondup, a former Tibetan political prisoner. He shares his experiences in a Chinese prison as one of the youngest Tibetan political prisoners and his escape to India. He also talks about his hopes for the future. His love for our country and his faith in Tibetan youngsters in the quest for a free Tibet.

Dharamshala, India — Unlike previous elections, the primary election candidates for 2021 Sikyong of Tibetan government in-Exile and Members of Tibetan parliament-in-exile are largely discussed in Tibetan communities.

Dharamshala, India — Unlike previous elections, the preliminary candidates for 2021 Sikyong of Tibetan government in-Exile and Members of Tibetan parliament-in-exile are largely discussed in Tibetan communities, using social media platforms. Not to mention the eager, discrete, and interest that young Tibetans show in their soon-to-be-elected leaders. The voices of youths are signs of their concerns in the country’s political affairs and democratic process in-Exile.