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Tibet-poet-2015Dharamshala - Night of Poets was celebrated in Amdo region of north-eastern Tibet and abroad, showing that Tibetan poetry matters, including reading the poetry of others, sharing their own poetry.

It was anonymously reported to the Tibet Post International that on July 26, 2015, a group of poets within Tibet came together for a night to honor Tibetan poetry.

Seventy-six poets from various parts of Tibet gathered both in Dzoge and Machu, Amdo region of Tibet to celebrate Tibetan poetry, and honor both contemporary and classic poets.

The night of poetry was not exclusive to within Tibet, as Tibetan communities in different parts of India and western countries also celebrated the evening.

Remotely located Tibetans held their own gatherings, and many also contributed through WeChat to talk about modern and ancient poetry and recite different poems.

The night was considered a great success, as Tibetan poetry was recited, shared, and poets were honored, an important task in the face of oppressive China looking to end the Tibetan art and cultural traditions.