Dharamshala – Tibet experts from a cross section of countries see signs of hope for the colonised people of Tibet and other countries, occupied by China, in the ever increasing nationalist rhetoric by the Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) who are now struggling to keep their hold overChina’s ruling system.

Washington, D.C. – Freedom House released its "Freedom in the World 2023" report on Thursday and ranked Tibet among the world's least free countries with -2 in political rights. The report said that "CCP authorities control traditional and social media in Tibet even more tightly than in Han Chinese-populated areas of the country. People who use the Internet, social media or other means to share politically sensitive information or comments risk arrest and heavy criminal penalties."

Geneva – Volker Turk, the new United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said," Regarding China, the Office had opened up channels of communication with a range of actors to follow up on a variety of human rights issues, including the protection of minorities, such as for Tibetans, Uyghurs and other groups."

Geneva – The UN committee called on China to abolish the system of forced boarding schools and to allow the establishment of private Tibetan schools. In addition, it recommended that China take all necessary measures to ensure that Tibetans can fully exercise their right to cultural life, identity, practice and use of the Tibetan language.

Taipei — Tibetan activists and Tibet supporters in Taiwan organised the “2023 Cycling for a Free Tibet” on February 8, and they said, “China’s oppression of Tibet has not ceased over the years, but has continued to repress Tibetans in new ways. Tibetan children are forced to go to concentration camp-like boarding schools to receive a Chinese education; DNA is taken from Tibetans to increase surveillance of Tibetans.”

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