New Delhi — Tibetan parliamentary delegation's advocacy campaign for Tibet concludes on April 9, 2022, in Delhi, after visiting many political and diplomatic dignitaries. The visit covered the headquarters of major political parties in India, 43 lawmakers, and embassies of several countries.

New Delhi — International experts examine the reasons behind 160 self-immolations in Tibet and express concern over President Xi Jinping’s ongoing campaign of national identity transformation of Tibet as dangerous and fear new waves of self-immolation in China’s colonised Tibet.

Geneva — Tibetan poet and activist Tenzin Tsundue spoke at the Geneva Summit for Human rights and Democracy on April 6, 2022 and he said, “Internationally, all the countries that traded with China have benefited from the suffering of Tibetans, Uyghurs, Mongolians, Manchus, Hong Kong, Taiwan and all other countries who are under the influence of China. You have benefited from our suffering. Therefore, you have the duty to work for the human rights of our people.”

Washington, D.C. – Congressional-Executive Commission on China, held a hearing on Growing Constraints on Language and Ethnic Identity in China today, on April 5, 2022. During the testimony, Lhadon Tethong said, “the Chinese authorities have been constructing a massive colonial boarding school system, that threatens the future survival of the Tibetan people and nation.”

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