Dharamshala – Raising serious concerns about the ever deteriorating human rights situation in Chinese occupied Tibet, experts from different parts of the world appealed to the G7 world leaders, who are going to meet at Hiroshima on 19-21 May, to ask Chinese President Xi Jinping to stop his ongoing project of colonial boarding schools in Tibet. Deliberating on the subject “China’s Colonial Practices and Threat to the Cultural Identity of Tibet” in an international webinar discussed in detail various human rights issues raised recently by the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR).

Washington, D.C – Congressional-Executive Commission on China held a hearing on “Preserving Tibet: combating cultural erasure, forced assimilation and transnational repression” and witness Richard Gere said, ‘Repression has been most severe in Tibet and East Turkestan, where CCP policies have included the separation of families, the prohibition of language, the destruction of religious sites and institutions, the collection of DNA.’

Geneva – More than 16 countries, including European Union, Australia, UK,Japan and USA, raised China's human rights abuses in Tibet at the 52nd session of the UNHRC, and highlighted "Compulsory Boarding Schools in Tibet" and "DNA collection from Tibetans without consent", "genocide and crimes against humanity by China". US urged the HRC to "maintain focus" on China's atrocities in Tibet and other areas, and also asked the High Commissioner to "address" them.

Dharamshala — Tesco has announced that it will remove all Hikvision security cameras from its 2,831 retail stores in the United Kingdom. The decision follows a campaign by Free Tibet, Big Brother Watch, Hong Kong Watch and Stop Uyghur Genocide, which raised the issue of the involvement of Chinese companies using security cameras in human rights abuses against Tibetans, Hong Kongers and Uyghurs.

Washington, D.C – More than 100 Tibetan Americans and Tibet supporters joined the Tibet Lobby Day to urge senators and the House of Representatives to pass the Resolve Tibet Act and maintain U.S. funding for the Tibetan people, urging full implementation of the Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act and the Tibetan Policy and Support Act.

Guatemala – Tibetan activist Chime Lhamo spoke about Tibet at the College Freedom Forum 2023, on Tibetan National Uprising Day. She told the audience that the Chinese government has realised that violence, re-education camps and torture of our political prisoners have no effect on us, because Tibetans continue to rise up and if we are united, we will never be defeated.

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