Miss Tibet Tenzin Paldon. (Photo: file)

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Dharamshala — Miss Tibet, Tenzin Paldon, who represents Tibet in the "Miss Global" international beauty pageant, has been withdrawn from the Miss Global pageant due to the Chinese government's pressure on the Cambodian government, which hosts the Miss Global pageant. China's transnational repression has reached Cambodia and the Miss Global organization, which unjustly withdrew Miss Tibet from the contest.

Tenzin Paldon, Miss Tibet of 2017, took part in the 10th international beauty pageant, "Miss Global" 2023-2024, and proudly presented her country, Tibet, at the Miss Global opening ceremony, which was held in Cambodia on January 3, 2024. The pageant will be jointly organised by Vietnam and Cambodia with 82 international beauties this year. The opening ceremony was broadcast live and watched by people from all over the world, including the Chinese government.

Miss Tibet Tenzin Paldon said while she introducing her goal of participating in the Miss Global 2023-2024 at the opening ceremony of the Miss Global 2023 in Cambodia on January 3, 2024: “I am honored to represent the beauty and culture of Tibet, the roof of the world. My name is Tenzin Paldon and my main purpose here to be in this pageant is to inspire to the all women, who came from small towns and small refuge communities like me, with big dreams, big hopes and big achievements. I think the Sky has no limit, just like our dreams has no limit, if you work hard, if we have the confidence, if we have faith in ourselves, we can do anything we want, and we can achieve all the goals. I think I have these all qualities and that's why I am standing in front of you, representing my beautiful country Tibet, I am so hounored to be the voice and face of my country, Tibet, Bhod Gyalo-victory for Tibet."

The Chinese government called the Prime Minister of Cambodia and pressured the Cambodian government to withdraw Miss Global candidate Tenzin Paldon, who represents Tibet, after she presented Tibet as a country during the Miss Global 2023 opening ceremony. The Chinese government's transnational attack on an independent country like Cambodia and on an organization like Miss Global is deeply worrying.

Tenzin Paldon wrote on her social media app, 'I was at the Vietnamese border, when one of the organizers (Miss Global) informed me that the Chinese government had put pressure on the Prime Minister of Cambodia, and that he had called and sent a message to the Miss Global organizer after seeing me on TV last night, representing Tibet and talking about the fact that I was from a refugee communities and saying (Bhod Gyalo-victory for Tibet) on stage. They informed me that Tibet and Taiwan couldn't enter the contest, but later, Taiwan has a ROC, which stands for Republic of China, so they allowed it. But I refused to change my country. They told me not to wear my country's sash at the main event, which I smelled a rat."

Miss Tibet Tenzin Paldon wrote on her social network before taking part in the Miss Global contest, "I was thrilled about the beauty pageant, which I had been preparing for since last summer. Representing my beautiful country, Tibet, on a global platform was a huge responsibility that I took very seriously. I have been working tirelessly for this opportunity." She won the Miss Tibet title in 2017, and in the same year competed for the Miss Global title in Cambodia. Although she didn't win the title, but placed among the last 20 candidates, she carried the Tibetan national flag and made Tibet shine on stage.

Following the announcement of Tenzin Paldon's withdrawal from the Miss Global pageant, under the pressure of the Chinese government, Tibetans began posting and writing on social media about it, praising her courage and determination. One Tibetan wrote that there were two sides to this incident, one bad and one good, the bad being that she was forced to withdraw from the international pageant and the good being that a Tibetan woman can shake up the Chinese government, which is doing its best to put pressure on Tibet and the whole world knows the true face of the Chinese government.

Tibetans in New York will welcome Miss Tibet, Tenzin Paldon, back to New York on January 10, 2024. 'It's really disheartening. She was informed that her participation was contingent on her wearing the 'Tibet' sash. Although she was offered the opportunity to participate as the People's Republic of China, she resolutely declined. Her unwavering stance against the change of her country from Tibet to the Republic of China led to her unjust exclusion from the entire Miss Global 2023 event', wrote the Tibetan Women's Association in New York on their social network.