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India Tibet Friendship SocietyPatna — The Bihari chapter of the India Tibet Friendship Society collaborated with Patna college to hold a seminar on March 30, 2015 entitled "Tibbat Ka Prashan: Bharat ki Bhumika." The event was attended by members of the society in addition to Tibet supporters and students of Patna College.

Professor Subroto Adhikari opened the seminar by describing the history of India and Tibet's political relationship. He recalled the Shimla Agreement of 1913, signed by British Indian and Tibetan representatives, which clearly signified Tibet as a sovereign nation. He concluded that from historical and legal dimensions, Tibet was sovereign until it was occupied by China in 1959.

The rest of the seminar touched on the implications that Chinese occupation has on India and other South Asian countries. Tibet, known sometimes as the 'Roof of the World,' is rich in natural resources such as both minerals and water, as Tibet serves as the river head for all the major rivers that flow through India and 7 other countries in Asia. Chinese exploitation and environmental degradation within Tibet directly affects India and all downstream nations. Therefore, the Tibet issue is of India's own interest.

The seminar concluded with the note that India needs to support the Central Tibetan Administration's Middle Way Policy for genuine autonomy for the Tibetan people, as further occupation of the Chinese stands in the way of justice, but also is a detriment to the well being of India as a nation.