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3september20095Dharamshala: A five-member delegation from the French Senate held a press conference yesterday at Lhapka Tsering Hall at the Department of Information and International Relations, to express their strong support for the Tibetan issue. During their time in town, the delegation also visited various Tibetan institutions and met with representatives of several Dharamsala-based Tibetan communities.  

At the press conference, UMP-affiliated Senator Humbert stated, "all the delegation members here support and are familiar with the Tibetan issue. Now there are 40 members of the Tibet Information Group in the French Senate. The Tibetan issue and the situation are based on truth, so the feeling to support and care about them comes to our hearts automatically. We came here to celebrate the 49th Tibetan Democracy Day on behalf of the French Senate, with the authorization of French government." Humbert, who acted as delegation leader, also participated in the first French Senate envoy to Dharamsala in May 2005.   

Socialist Senator Mr. Thierry Repentin added, "in an old and strong democratic country like France, there are lots of arguments and disagreement over dealing with the internal and external affairs of other nations. But as for the Tibetan issue, we all come up with common support and care, as it [the Tibetan position] is based on nonviolence."

3september20094Mrs. Jacquelin Panis, another Senator and member of France’s ruling party, the conservative UMP, expressed her strong commitment to spreading awareness about the Tibetan issue, declaring that when the delegation goes back, they will, "Highlight the Tibetan issue, using today’s high tech media, among French politician and French people. After witnessing the real Tibetan situation and realizing the ultimate goal of the Tibetan struggle in Dharamsala, she said, the French delegation members were more inspired to support the Tibetan issue.

The Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile coordinated the senators’ weeklong visit, which included a meeting with His Eminence the 17 the Gyawa Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje, and several members of the Tibetan Parliament and Cabinet. They also visited various Tibetan educational, religious, and cultural institutions, and met representatives of Tibetan non-government organizations. They will meet Tibet’s political and spiritual leader, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, in the Indian capital of Delhi on September 5th.