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Dhasa: What's up Beijing's sleeve at the moment? They plan to go big in the Himalayan Mountains. Different sources, including Official Chinese websites talks about, China's plans to build series of dams in the Himalaya. Why is Brahmaputra so important to China? If Brahmaputra is disturbed the landscape, economy, ecology, agriculture and the region will go through major changes down at the river delta. It can even lead to huge catastrophic failure and cause serious earthquakes in the region. And more than 2 billion people in South and Southeast Asia depends on the river that flows from Tibet.
But, China at the moment might not heed to any suggestion from the International River claims. The reason being, the river starts in Tibet plateau near mount Kailash. Unfortunately, Tibetans might also have less power to exercise concerning this project because so far Beijing hasn't consulted Tibet. Most of the Chinese project in Tibet takes place for the Communist Chinese interest.

But, before the work kicks off, the International River Claims must make a decision and inform Beijing, how this project could impact the neighboring countries. A report from UNESCO from earlier report says, annihilation of Himalayan Mountains can cause serious problem to global warming. Which will later destroy the snow covered mountains and turn them to "bare rocky mountains" i.e. destroying the world. But, getting into a pack with India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal to construct these dams will not be a cake walk for Beijing.

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