Residents of Dharamshala including monks, nuns and officials gathered at the Tsunglakhang, November 30, 2018. Photo:TPI/Divya Pandey

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Dharamshala — On November 30, Former political prisoner, well known for his stance against torture practices by China in occupied Tibet, Palden Gyatso, died. His death sparked an outpour of international mourning and condemnation of the Chinese communist regime.

This was a great loss for Tibet, one that no one should forget. And so residents of Dharamshala including monks, nuns and officials gathered at the Tsunglakhang yesterday to pray for the demise of a true patriot.

The prayers started at 3:00 pm in the afternoon and continued all day long. All the doorways were opened and everyone sat down to offer their condolences. All prayed in unison the mantras of Chenrezig with boundless compassion and oneness, leading the dead towards the light.

All prayed, keeping in mind the symbol his death has become and for the well being of the family he left behind. The Dalai Lama temple glowed with the buttermilk candles offered by all those who mourned in silence.

Even the weather sensed the grief and dropped down rains, dropping the temperatures, but to no avail. All and everyone continued with their prayers and mantras for the spiritual enlightenment of Palden Gyatso, a leader lost but remembered.