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Chennai — Since the second week of November, a downpour has continued to shower Chennai, India's 4th largest city, which is located in the hot climate state of Tamil Nadu.

The worst rainfall in the past century has caused severe damage and taken a toll on human life. Flooding in the southern part of the city has blocked transportation routes and entered housing located in low lying areas.

Tibetan college students living and studying in Chennai report leaking roofs, food scarcity, and other housing issues that had led to major adjustments in their living situations. The students are shut indoors while colleges and schools are closed and the semester examination of several colleges are postponed. The government in Chennai is under an extreme amount of pressure to provide better services and assistance to all the people living in the area.

Tenzin Chime is a final year student on BA Journalism at Madras Christian College. He currently interns at the Tibet Post International.