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Dharamshala: - Chinese authorities have removed officials from Nyatso Zilkar monastery in Yulshul (in Chinese Yushu) prefecture's Tridu (Chenduo) , eastern Tibet who they suspect of opposing Beijing's rule and replaced them with monks of their own choosing, according to sources in the region.

According to a report by a report by U.S.-based news site RFA, the move is believed to be the first high-profile management change by Beijing of a monastery in Tibetan-populated areas in recent years. It has heightened local fears that the management wouild be functioning under exclusive Chinese control.

"This action has completely broken the tradition of the [monastery] managing its own discipline and activities," sources said,"With this appointment of a new management committee for Zilkar monastery, the monks are worried about their future."

Chinese authorities in recent months had increasingly interfered in the work of Nyatso Zilkar, "accusing the management team of the monastery in involvement in separatist activities and pressing for their removal from management positions," a source added.

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