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Berlin, 14th May 2014. Tibet Initiative Germany e.V. (TID) has collected 10.000 signatures demanding the release of political prisoners in Tibet.

TID had advocated for the support of filmmaker Dhondup Wangchen, who is scheduled to be released from prison on June 5th, six years after imprisonment. Additionally, the 10.000 signatories also request the release of Runggye Adak and the Aids-activist Wangdu, who had received a life sentence in 2008.

"Arbitrary arrests are a daily routine in Tibet. We demand the release of all political prisoners in Tibet. The Chinese government tries to systematically silence all critical voices within Tibet. Many political prisoners are being physically abused in a way that leads to their death", said Anna Momburg-Vanderpool, TID-Campaigner.

The TID advocates for the release of political prisoners in Tibet since 1989. Currently there are at least 850 documented political prisoners in Tibet, hundreds more are believed to be missing. Possessing a picture of the Dalai Lama or participating in a demonstration can already lead to imprisonment.

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