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Dharamshala: Protests by Tibetan students over their right to study their own language in school have spread throughout other areas of north-west China, The Tibet Post has learned.

Thousands of Tibetan students from six schools in Amdho region of eastern Tibet took to the streets on Tuesday (19th October) in protest over the new forced study of Chinese language. Since then the protests spread to two adjacent Tibetan prefectures.

On Wednesday (20th October), up to 2,000 students from four separate schools in Chabcha, Tsolho have protested outside government buildings shouting slogans such as "We want freedom for the Tibetan language".

In Dawu town on Thurday (21st October) students also protested on Thursday. Police responded by preventing local residents from going out into the streets.

The area has seen increased numbers of security personnel in the last few days, in an attempt to subdue the student protests.

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