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Dharamshala: A two day International symposium was held In Mongolia,last week, concerning the "1913 Treaty between Mongolia and Tibet".

The event held from the 13th-14th October and was organized by the editorial board of the journal "The Impendence" of the National Intelligence Academy of Mongolia. It was attended by experts from Mongolia, India, America, Korea, Russia, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Holland and Germany.

The symposium included a combination of research from 27 Mongolian and foreign scholars on the reasoning for signing and the implications of the 1913 Treaty of Friendship and Alliance between the two countries. In the treaty, Mongolia and Tibet declared mutual recognition and allegiance

At the conclusion of the conference, there was a unanimous agreement from all countries involved that 99% of the Treaty was factual and official, which created more questions on the implication of the treaty in today's political climate.
The Government of Mongolia publicly stated it is not involved in any way in the symposium, nor it takes any position on this issue.

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