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Dharamshala: Tagyal, who uses the pen name ‘Shogdung' has been released on bail pending trial by the Chinese government. The Tibetan writer was arrested on April 23rd 2010 from his workplace at Qinghai Nationalities Publishing House in Xining. He was charged of "instigating to split the motherland" and jailed for almost six months before being allowed bail Friday (October 14th).

Tagyal's lawyer, Li Fanping informed the media of the bailout, saying "he (Tagyal) is in good health and with his family now." Meanwhile, Jampal Monlam of the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy said the "bail pending trial" does not give him immunity to future arrest. Jampal told the Voice of Tibet radio that the longest period that "bail pending trial" can last is a year.