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Califonia: Tibet's spiritual leader His Holiness gave a humorous question and answer session yesterday, to a large crowd of middle and high school students from East Palo Alto. He addressed the audience of over 400 students in the K-8 Costano School auditorium answering questions posed by 11 teenagers who had won the privilege by coming top in an essay contest.

He was asked a question by one young student as to what he would do if he was President of the United States, laughing hard he replied simply it's a "rather silly question." Adding, "Within a few weeks, the economy would face bankruptcy."

Students from the schools had been studying His Holiness and Tibetan history prior to his arrival, so that "they were able to appreciate his visit much more" said Katie Shields, history teacher in the local area.

When His Holiness was posed the question by 13 year old, Tatyana Spears "With all that is going on in the world, what advice would you give to young people?" the Dalai Lama replied "good question" continuing "My generation belongs to the 20th century," he told the children. "You belong to the 21st century.

"My generation is ready to say goodbye. You have the responsibility of a better future on your shoulders." He challenged them to choose between a more peaceful, compassionate future or one of destruction, he concluded saying."It's entirely up to you."

The event was one of several public and private appearances by the Dalai Lama across the Bay Area this week, including a conference at Stanford University.