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Dharamshala: Two officials from Mindroling monastery in Lhoka, Tibet, were arrested yesterday (September 29), in response to a request to the Chinese authorities that the monastery's teacher, Dralha Rinpoche, be allowed to visit. One of the monks has been named as Gyurmey Tenzin, the other remains unidentified.

Since the arrests the monastery has been closed to visitors, while more than 80 Chinese officials hold 'patriotic re-education' sessions with the monks.

On September 15, around 50 monks protested against the authorities' ban on such a visit, whereupon armed soldiers cordened off the monastery.

Lama Dralha Rinpoche is an heir to the throne of Mindroling - Mindroling being one of the six lineages within the Nyingmapa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.