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Chennai: As previously reported, Lhakpa Tsering hit trouble upon his arrival in Chennai, on the final leg of his motorbike world tour to promote the Tibetan cause. His bike was held by Indian customs officials on the September 17 and it emerged yesterday that he will need a significant deposit for his bike to be released.

After travelling through 22 countries, it appears that Indian regulations require more permits to be obtained and, in this instance, Lhakpa requires a 'carnet' from the Canadian Automobile Association together with an $18,000 deposit bond.

Lhakpa needs assistance to raise these funds and allow his trip to continue. Time is running out for him because storage costs for his bike will become prohibitively expensive after around ten days, and he will have to have it shipped back to the US.

Lhakpa, who is due to arrive in Dharamsala on October 23, said he was hopeful of raising the bond, but if this is not possible he will consider hiring a bike in Delhi to complete his journey.

To help Lhakpa in his quest, you can contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., on Facebook, or phone +91-988-413-8505 / +91-886-017-5509