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Delhi: A discussion of the Human Rights Watch report I Saw It with My Own Eyes, which documents abuses by Chinese security forces in Tibet between 2008-2010, was held in the Indian capital New Delhi on Tuesday (September 21).

The discussion at the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, included panellists Nicholas Bequelin, senior Asia researcher for Human Rights Watch, and Dr Srikanth Kondapalli of the university's Department of East Asian Studies.

The report documents the Chinese crackdown following the sustained Tibetan protests in March 2008, using only eyewitness testimony and official Chinese sources. It concludes that more serious human rights abuses were committed than previously thought, including disproportionate use of force, ill-treatment of detainees and politically determined judicial proceedings.

The report says China has yet to explain the circumstances leading up to the clashes between protesters and security forces. It also says says China has failed to reveal the fate of hundreds of Tibetans arrested during the protests, or disclose how many it detained, sentenced, still holds pending trial, or has sentenced to extrajudicial forms of detention, such as 're-education through labour'.

The full report can be read at