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Dharamshala: Chinese authorities last month arrested the Tibetan scholar Kalsang Tsultrim (pen name Gyitsang Takmig), according to the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy. The reasons for the arrest, in Dzoge County, Sichuan Province on July 7, have yet to be officially confirmed.

Mr Kalsang's family suspect he has been detained because of his expressions of alarm about the situation in Tibet. In 2009 Mr Kalsang produced and distributed 2,500 VCDs discussing Tibetan history and recording the desires, aspirations and concerns of Tibetan people in Tibet. He also published the book Miyul La Phul Ve Sempa (Sharing the Inner Thoughts in My Heart), which also described the concerns of Tibetans.

Mr Kalsang's arrest is not unexpected - he has been on the move for at least a year to remain safe from the authorities - and is an example of China's current targeting of Tibetan artists, writers, bloggers and cultural figures allegedly guilty of 'political errors'.

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