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Dharamshala: Tenzin Norzom - the Kingfisher Miss Tibet 2010 - on Friday joined a signature campaign protesting against China's oppression of Tibet, reports Asia News International.

The campaign, organised by activists in Dharamsala, north India, aims to fill a giant scroll with the signatures of supporters of the Tibetan movement, which will be presented to the UN Secretary General.

Mahesh Yadav, an Indian activist who joined the campaign, has been painting portraits of world leaders with his own blood for the past 14 years, including one of US President Barack Obama, appealing for Tibetan freedom.

"My blood is devoted to the freedom of Tibet," he said. "I am going to appeal the whole world with this message. This is a message to save humanity. We have appealed the US President to save Tibet, because Dalai Lama is fighting for non-violence."

Commenting on Mr Yadav's portrait, Tenzin Norzon said, "Firstly, as Miss Tibet, I have the responsibility towards the Tibet cause. When I saw a non-Tibetan people contributing his blood for Tibetan freedom, it really inspired me. I came to know him after I got my title. I just feel like working with him for the Tibetan cause."

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