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Dharamshala: On August 12 at 1100, two monks from Lithang county town, eastern Tibet, began a demonstration in which they publicly displayed photos of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

As the monks walked from Trung Trung Karmo market to the vegetable market, bystanders were reported to hear them shouting, "Long live His Holiness!". Local police came to the scene and attempted to arrest the monks but were obstructed by onlookers.

Details of the incident were reported to The Tibet Post International by Sermed Lobga, a Tibetan monk residing in south India, who spoke with contacts from his home town. He told us the Chinese authorities in Lithang use many CCTV cameras to survey the public, and it is likely that the two demonstrators will be identified and arrested.

Sermed Lobga has detailed information about the monks' identities, which he is unable to divulge for fear of reprisals.

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