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Dharamshala: The Tibetan Parliament-in-exile and the Kashag (Cabinet) of the Central Tibetan Administration have expressed their deep condolences for the victims of the floods and subsequent mudslides that hit Drugchu region, northeastern Amdo province of Tibet, on Sunday.
The death toll has risen to 337 according to Chinese state media and 1,148 people are still missing as rescuers race against time in search of survivors.
A message from the Tibetan Parliament offered their prayers to those injured in the tragedy and for the deceased, for whom they pray for the attainment of an early rebirth. They also spoke of their fears for those who continue to live in the low-lying areas of the region, as rampant mining and deforestation by the Chinese since the invasion has made the area susceptible to such natural disasters. Hopes that the Chinese government will recognise the effects of their projects on Tibet's natural environment were also expressed.
The Kashag organised a special prayer session to take place early this morning at the Tsuglagkhang Complex in Dharamshala, in memory of those whose lives were lost and also to pray for the recovery of those injured, both physically and psychologically.

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