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Dhasa: A group of experts have urged the United States Congress to further their efforts to press China on issues of human rights abuses and reversals in their rule of law since 2008, Reuters reported on Tuesday (August 2). The plea comes after mounting evidence of a crackdown on ethnic minorities and critics of the Chinese regime.
Human rights and legal experts have accused Washington of downplaying human rights abuses in order to secure economic relations with Beijing.
The Diu Hua Foundation, a US-based non-profit organization dedicated to improving universal human rights through well-informed dialogue between the US and China, has compiled a list of 5,800 people in China imprisoned for non-violent expression of religious or political belief. Jerome Cohen, of the New York University School of Law, told the congressional panel that the statistics reveal a clearly concentrated effort to target political activists and those who represent them in court.
The experts urged the panel to increase their annual human rights talks with Beijing to at least twice a year, raise the ranks of official participation and concentrate on specific cases as opposed to the general tone preferred by Chinese authorities.