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Dharamshala: As a mark of condolence and respect for the passing away of Tibetan Parliamentary Secretary Mr Phurbu Tsering la, the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) held a prayer session from 2-3pm today, after which its remained closed for the day. Mr Phurbu dedicated 37 years of his life to the Tibetan civil service.
Mr Phurbu, who had been ill for several months, breathed his last at the Tibetan Delek Hospital in Dharamsala on 29 July 2010, at the age of 57.
Mr Phurbu joined the CTA civil service as an accountant-cum-junior clerk at a Tibetan settlement in Nepal's Solo Khumbu region on 16 August 1973.
After completing his probation period, he served as a junior clerk in various locations, including the Lugsung Samdupling Co-operative Society at Bylakuppe, the Office of Tibet Affairs at Delhi, and progressed to become acting head of the Centre of Tibetan Religious Artifacts at Dharamsala and an accountant at the security department from 1 September 1978 to 10 October 1985.
From 15 April 1987 to 2 January 1991, Mr Phurbu worked as manager of the Tibetan Handicraft Centres at Mundgod and Dekyi Larsoe Tibetan settlements in Bylakuppe.
He was promoted to under-secretary on 1 August 1992 and posted at the Department of Security. He continued to work at the department till 23 August 1993, after being promoted to deputy secretary on 15 June. He was promoted to joint secretary on 5 February 1999.
From 19 March 1999 to 3 November 2001, he worked as joint secretary at the ealth department and election commission.
Mr Phurbu was promoted to the post of additional secretary on 7 June 2007.
He was the acting secretary for Tibetan Parliamentary Secretariat from 19 May 2008 to 16 August 2008, and was promoted to become the secretariat's secretary general on 1 June 2010.