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Dhasa: His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama has become an unlikely advocate of the latest social networking craze, Twitter, through which he is making direct contact with interested Tibetan and Chinese followers. With the help of Wang Lixiong, one of China's most outspoken dissident writers and democracy activists who now resides in the US, the Dalai Lama answers ‘netizens' questions and offers his daily thoughts on the blog.
With the help of advisers, His Holiness selects 10 questions from the hundreds submitted and provides answers during sessions held periodically. Queries such as his stance on Tibetan ‘autonomy' are popular, to which he has answered: "The term ‘autonomy by Tibetans' should refer to having Tibetans as the majority and other ethnic groups as the minority [of the Tibet Autonomous Region]. If the situation were in reverse, then the word ‘autonomy' would be meaningless."
Chinese authorities have not yet blocked access to the Tibetan spiritual leader's Tweets, despite expectations that they would be perceived as a supposed threat to national security. It is believed that out of his estimated 5000 followers, it is the Tibetan audience that causes the most concern for Chinese Government, despite not yet having acted upon this.
Daily blogs, such as ‘Universal concern is essential in solving global problems' (July 24th), provide insight into His Holiness' philosophical and spiritual outlook on life.