TPI Short Takes
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Dharamshala: At the end of the day, the practicality of doing business with one-fifth of humanity prompted Google Inc. to back down on a months-long threat to pull out of China over Internet censorship. The gaint web-company's row with Chinese media regulators has proven detrimental whilst rival Baidu Inc., China's most popular online search engine, see share prices soar. Since renewing their license with China early this month, Google seem to be falling well behind Baidu, who have reported that their profits have since doubled.
Despite taking a stand against demands to limit access to sites considered politically sensitive, the 6th July saw the multinational prioritise business over principles, as they backed down to ensure a new deal with China.
A loss in market shares was expected as a result of the dispute; however a catch up seems unlikely in light of the record number of customers their rivals Baidu have accumulated in the last three months. It seems that taking a moral stand was not good for business!