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Dharamsala: Professor Samdhong Rinpoche, Prime Minister of the Tibetan Government in Exile, is currently visiting exile communities in Himachal Pradesh, Northern India, in order to educate Tibetan people on policies of the Central Tibetan Administration. Information on the government's financial position and the upcoming elections is being given during these public audiences.
He began the nine day tour in Shimla, the capital of Himachal State on 19th July and has since been to Dholanji and Mandi to inform Tibetans on the Middle-Way Approach held by the government with regards to Tibet's future. Rather than seeking complete Independence, Tibetan officials seek 'genuine autonomy'; a moderate agenda for peaceful co-existence.
Samdhong Rinpoche has also expressed the importance of academic specialization during talks with schoolchildren at the Central School for Tibetans in Shimla and Dholanji.
The Prime Minister has yet to visit Chauntara, Bir and Tashi Jong in the forthcoming days.