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Dhasa: In response to His Holiness the Dalai Lama's continuous request for Tibetan and Chinese people to establish a more trusting and responsive relationship, on 23rd June 1010 the Chinese and Tibetan Friendship Society of Europe was created. The organization, which is active in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, is headed by Tibetans and Chinese of equal numbers who now reside in these respective countries, their aim being to reestablish faith and trust between the two communities. Such a relationship is seen as vital to secure the future rights of both populations.
Following in the footsteps of similar associations around the world, the European contingent further emphasizes the potential for future peace amongst China and Tibet, which rests on the organization of joint activities and information exchange. The society plans an annual commemoration of the anniversary of the 4th June Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing (1989), as well as celebrating His Holiness the Dalai Lama's birthday, who growing numbers of Chinese now support.
CTFSE posit that the oppressive Chinese government is no longer just an issue for Tibet, but one that also affects the human rights of the Chinese population as awareness is growing amongst those with access to the truth. Access to unbiased media is increasingly difficult under the Chinese communist regime and CTFSE strive to provide access to the facts. Celebrations for both Chinese and Tibetan New Year are also on the agenda as a means to develop an appreciation and understanding of each other's cultural traditions.