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Dharamshala: 87 members from 35 regional chapters in India and Nepal on Friday have converged at Manali, India for a 5-day Working Committee Meeting. Chief Guest of Honor Rongchen Tenpey Donmey commenced the TWA 10th Working Committee Meeting held at Ram Park Forest Auditorium, Manali.
The first two days will be met with brief cohort on the various activities spearheaded over the past 16 months from the Working Committee Meeting, Executives from the Central and Regional chapters. Adhere to transparency and accountability principles representatives will disclose their project and financial activities and open the floor to questions from their peers. The meeting attendees will also review and evaluate the progress of resolutions tabled during the 9th General Body Meeting (GBM). The last three days of the WCM will be spent visioning and planning, discuss the agendas that the central TWA have procured and passing new resolutions to be implemented for the next 20 months of their tenure
TWA's president Kirti Dolkar Lhamo stated, "The Executive members of the regional chapters in India and Nepal has exhibited overwhelming commitments towards organizational efficiency and strength." She also lamented saying, "It is unfortunate that our eight chapters in the USA, Europe, Australia and Taiwan could not participate in this meeting, but in an inclusive effort, we will convene an online minutes with them upon our return from Manali."
The WCM will also focus on Tibetan prime ministerial election campaign. The Executive members of regional chapters of TWA have brought the sealed ballots of the mass ("Mock Election" for the Kalon Tripa, held on July 6th in 40 regions across six countries) to the 10th WCM of TWA. On July 22nd the Executive members will make an aggregate and a transparent counting of the votes in presence of the prominent members from other organizations. The central TWA will analyse the voter turnout and construct the needful assessment for the eligible voters from July 6th Mock Election.
The TWA will produce a ground-breaking short documentary film that will portray the status and preparedness of the Tibetan electorate accompanied by a detail report entitled "Mock Election and its Findings". This documentary is expected to break down the results of voter participation, signifying its implications for the upcoming final election of (the Kalon Tripa). The report will also profile all the names of the winning candidates elected from the Mock Election. The reports and the film will be launched on September 10th 2010, on the occasion of the 26th anniversary of TWA's re-founding in exile.
The first WCM took place in Dharamshala in 1985, a year later after the reestablishment of the TWA in exile India. The Guest of Honor emphasized, "Tibetan women have innate leadership qualities in them and therefore should continue to be the architects of a strong and empowering Tibetan society."