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Dharamshala: In an exclusive interview with Malaysia's national Bernama news agency on Friday, His Holiness said that his "Middle-Way-Approach will sucess to seek genuine autonomy for all Tibetan people, and he also restated that he is not seeking Tibet indepence.
"You know, I have my mantra, we are not seeking independence, and the Chinese have their own mantra, Tibet is part of China," he jibed in his usual cheery mood but instilled optimism of his long-cherished dream of a "middle way" approach.
"I believe middle path will come true. Last 60 years, the same one party system has changed, the obvious big change today is Chinese communist has changed to capitalist communist.
"Thinking is changing, great possibility our middle way approach will come true. But very gradually, very slowly, If I remain alive for the next 10 to 15 years, I can see, if I die tomorrow, I can't see the change" he said.
"Tibetan is not an issue of Dalai Lama institution, it's about the well-being of six million Tibetan people and their rights. "So long as these rights do not materialise, then this movement will remain, whether I am alive or not. Important is Buddhism and Tibetan culture, not the institution of Dalai Lama," he said.
He said a notable success of the Tibetan movement in exile was the preservation of the 13th century Buddhism teachings, Tibet's ancient culture and its language -- which remained as pillar for the survival of the entire Tibetan community outside Tibet.

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