Dharamsala: A press conference was held at the headquarters of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile in Dharamsala, at 3 p.m. today. Members of the Tibetan Parliament, including the deputy speaker and his staff, warmly welcomed the spokesperson of the Himachal Pradesh Parliament (Vidhan Sabha, H.P.) Shri. Tulsi Ram upon his arrival at the headquarters of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile.

Dharamsala: This morning at eight o’clock, Tibetan spiritual leader, His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited three institutions in Dharamsala, the Thoe-sam Ling Institute for International Buddhist Women, the Nyingtob Ling Institute (located in Sidhpur, Dharamsala) and the Jamyang Choling Institute (JCI) to address a variety of Buddhist practitioners, teachers and inquisitive onlookers. At Thoe-sam Ling, His Holinesss held a teaching at which about forty people were in attendance. The audience mostly consisted of female Buddhist nuns. He emphasized the importance of both the study and practice of Buddhism: “We should not prioritize materialism. Instead, the main aim of the ‘Sangha’ community must be to learn and apply Buddhist philosophy. To become ordained as a monk or nun, and to remain humble and refrain from doing harm, are aims of great importance.”

Dharamshala: “Press and media” correspondent for Indian Express said “is the forth pillar of democracy,” on World Press Freedom day, the Association of Tibetan Journalists (ATJ) held a meeting in solidarity against the suppression of the freedom of the press. 5o local journalists attended the meeting and participated in discussions about the challenges facing journalists in the community, and about the necessity of freedom of expression (FEX).

Dharamshala: TibetPost-28-April-2009-Tibetan parliament in Exile urged Chinese president Hu JinTao directly if H.E. Panchen Rinpoche is alive, details of his well being and whereabouts should be made public, and sentencing of 52 year old Abbot postponed, is there reason to hope that the more than 5,600 Tibetans who were arrested or detained will afforded more justice?

Dharamshala: Tibet Talk and Thenthuk, an organized a discussion forum which took place yesterday between Geshe Lobsang Gyaltsenla, an ex-political prisoner and Doctor of Buddhist Philosophy, and about 25 attendees - mostly foreigners and local Tibetans; all shared their ideas concerning Tibetan issues. When Geshe Lobsang was last in Tibet, he hadn’t heard about middle-way approach for Tibetan autonomy – he protested for the independence of Tibet. Prisoners are detained for nearly a year prior to sentencing. Lobsang served nine months and was released, but most are charged with attempting to subvert the Chinese Constitution and sentenced to serve for several years. “Separators,” who fight for Tibet’s recognition as a sovereign entity, removed from China. “Revolutionaries.” These are the charges. Sentences are subject to extension, and depend on the person’s role in the protest in which he or she partook, or the gravity of his or her subversive action.  After prison, many Tibetans come to India.

Dharamshala: 29-April-2009-Eleven years ago Thupten Ngodub, set himself in Delhi and dedicated his life. Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) today offered prayers for the Tibetan nationalist and hero, who after the continuation of unto death hunger strike was disallowed, took matters into his own hands and give his life for Tibetan independence.

Dharamshala: TibetPost-27-April-2009-The 14th general body meeting of Dhomay Central Executive Committee began yesterday for 3 days at Kirti monastery in Dharamshala, in the meeting religious rituals to eliminate obstacles including long life prayers offering to His Holiness, the next main topic for the Tibetan struggle, how to protect and preserve Tibetan religion and culture, and the welfare are Tibetans from the Dhomay region of Tibet, the subject elect the new executive committee was also discussed.

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