Khenpo Sonam Tenphel, Speaker of Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile. Photo: TPI

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Dharamshala, India — Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile welcomes the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics and calls on other world leaders to consider a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics as an expression of their solidarity with humanity, moral values, and truth.

On December 13, 2021, the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile issued a press statement welcoming and appreciating the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics by Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom, and urging other countries to boycott the Beijing Olympics diplomatically.

“As the Beijing Winter Olympics nears, many countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the U.S, and the U.K, have come forward to diplomatically boycott this game. The Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile welcome and applaud this gesture by the freedom-loving countries because it signifies the victory of Human Rights over economical and other benefits. We consider this a brave and courageous act and would encourage other countries to consider it” said the statement.

“China has failed in upholding universal and fundamental ethical values over many decades. Our Tibetan brothers and sisters inside Tibet continue to suffer under the atrocious rule of China and many other minorities are also being repressed. Tibetans are deprived of basic human rights including freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and freedom of movement. Furthermore, China in the name of development has completely exploited the environment of Tibet by fulfilling their economical greed by constructing dams, diverting the natural flow of rivers, displacing the nomads, extracting the natural resources and minerals which further endangers the ecological balance of the world as a whole and directly impacting the downstream Asian countries. Such inhuman acts of Communist China raise threat to the Tibetans inside Tibet and the entire globe. Therefore, we urge the world leaders to express their concern and raise their voice over the human rights violations and religious repression in Tibet,” it explained.

“Central Tibetan Administration (Tibetan Government-in-Exile) is the legitimate representative of the Tibetan people in and outside Tibet. Middle Way Policy is the political stand of the Central Tibetan Administration and the Tibetan people to resolve the Sino-Tibet Conflict. This policy was proposed by His Holiness the Great 14th Dalai Lama and unanimously adopted by Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile. Sino-Tibet dialogue came to a halt after the 9th round of talk in the year 2010, Since then we have not received a positive response from China despite our continuous effort to resume the dialogue,” it added.

“Diplomatically boycotting the Beijing Olympics sends a strong message that Human value is held above all. We appeal the other world leaders to consider the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics to express their solidarity with humanity, ethical values, and truth,” the statement concluded.

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