Lhamo, the Information Secretary of Tibetan Youth Congress.

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Dharamshala, India — "As we all know, the Communist Party of China celebrates its 100th founding anniversary. The Tibetan Youth Congress strongly condemns and criticizes its very existence," said the Tibet Youth Congress (TYC) while addressing the international community through the Facebook platform on Friday, July 23, 2021.

The Tibetan Youth Congress, which has become one of the largest Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) for Tibetans worldwide, sent out a short yet strong message to the international community with an aim to amplify the suppressed Tibetan voices and rise in unison against the oppressive Chinese forces.

"Their existence is not only a threat to the survival of Tibetan culture and identity but also possesses a great security threat to the rest of the world," Lhamo, the Information Secretary of TYC said, to make the viewers aware of the gravity of this issue. The aim was to make people worldwide realize that the threat posed by China today is not limited to Tibetan culture or identity, it is a threat to the many other countries in the world.

"Therefore, we call upon the international community, world-leading organizations to make China accountable for committing cruelty against Tibetans, Mongolians, Uyghur, Hong Kongers, and Taiwanese," she said as a call to action. The People's Republic of China is an economically strong state, a powerful world player, the force of the international community is needed to face it. TYC encourages other international members to hold China accountable for the struggle faced by people from Tibet, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and also the ones belonging to the Uyghur community.

"Since the illegal occupation of Tibet, the Chinese communist forces continue to impose severe restrictions and use brutal measures to suppress and imprison Tibetans. They have also consistently and systematically violated basic human rights of Tibetans in Tibet and detained Tibetans amidst the centenary celebrations," she said further emphasizing atrocities committed by the Chinese Communist Party like harsh restrictions, brutal suppression measures, imprisonment, detentions, and repeated violations of basic human rights while celebrating their centenary.

"Therefore, we demand to release all the political prisoners without any condition and stop implementing and imposing more and more hardline policies in Tibet. We also urge the international community to support the just cause of Tibet and condemn China for the Covid-19 outbreak. We also appeal the world leaders and organizations to make China accountable by boycotting Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics," TYC said on behalf of all the Tibetans who have a common goal to restore the state of independence in Tibet and put an end to the decades-long struggle.

Tibet Youth Congress has established a significant presence on Facebook with over 25,000 followers. The video giving the above-mentioned message was specifically released in three different languages, Tibetan, English, and Hindi. It got more than hundreds of views and a few shares and comments. Online digital media platform was used to reach out to the international community and voice some of the gravest issues that not only concern Tibetans but also the citizens from different parts of the world.

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