Election commission declared the result of Preliminary election of Sikyong and Members of the 17th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile (TPiE) on February 8, 2021. Photo:TPI/Yangchen Dolma

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Dharamshala, India — In a press conference presided over by Wangdu Tsering, Chief Election Commissioner of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) and additional commissioners, Geshema Delek Wangmo and Sonam Gyaltsen, the Election commission declared the result of Preliminary election of Sikyong and Members of the 17th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile (TPiE) on February 8, 2021. However, the revised result was announced the next day.

As per the Article 67 (3) of the election rules and regulation “the Election Commission, after giving 20 days to withdraw candidature, should shortlist not more than six candidates for Sikyong from the preliminary election” and Article 49 (1) (A) of electoral rules and regulation “the Election Commission after giving 30 days to withdraw candidature, should shortlist candidates not less than thrice the number of stipulated seats in the respective constituents of the Tibetan Parliament from the preliminary election”, the Election Commission declared 30 shortlisted parliament candidates each from the three traditional provinces of Tibet, six candidates each from four schools of Tibetan Buddhism and Bon religion, six from North & South America, and Europe & Africa. Three candidates are shortlisted from Australasia (excluding India, Nepal, and Bhutan).

As per the regulations, a candidate cannot contest for more than one seat at a time and in case a candidate has won more than one seat, the candidate has to retain only one. Out of the 30 shortlisted candidates announced on Monday, two candidates have been listed for two seats simultaneously and have been urged to vacate one of the two seats, thus altering the results announced on Monday. Therefore, revised results were announced on Tuesday.

The Chief Election Commissioner further announced that the shortlisted candidates for Skiyong and Members of the 17th TPiE should confirm their candidature by 16 February 2021 by submitting a letter of confirmation to the Election Commission through the local Election Commission and those seeking to withdraw their candidature should do so by writing to the Election Commission by the same date. Withdrawal of candidature won’t be allowed once the final list is announced.

The electoral process for the final round of election for Sikyong and members of the 17th TPiE will be announced on March 21, 2021 and until then, campaigning by the candidates, supporters or public is not allowed.

According to Wangdu Tsering, Chief Election Commissioner, the preliminary election held in January recorded the highest voter turnout rate recorded till date of 76.78 percent. Through the facilitation of 57 local Election Commissions around the world, Tibetans from 26 countries casted their vote by going to the polls.

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