President Dr Lobsang Sangay and members of Kashag meet with Shri Indresh Kumar, RSS leader and Indian delegates at Kashag Secretariat. Photo: CTA

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Dharamshala — Leader of the Indian political party RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) Shri Indresh Kumar travelled to Dharamshala to meet with Tibetan President Dr Lobsang Sangay on Tuesday March 27, 2018.

Shri Indresh Kumar expressed his support and respect for the years of non-violent struggle of the Tibetan people. He lamented the the grave political and human rights situation prevailing inside Tibet including the self-immolation protests since 2009.

Reaffirming support and solidarity of the Indian people, he said, “On the occasion of Hindu new year, I would like to express my heartiest greetings for the Tibetan people. We offer our prayers and hope for victory of the peaceful non-violent struggle of the people of Tibet”.

Leader Indresh Kumar urged Chinese president, Xi Jinping to protect and promote the freedom of Tibetans inside Tibet to practice their religion, culture, language and basic rights.

The meeting was facilitated by Indo-Tibet Friendship Association.