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3july20094Dharamshala: A crowd of 300 Tibetans and Tibetan supporters including Ms. Dolma Gyari, the deputy speaker of Tibetan Parliament in exile gathered at the main temple in Dharamshala, to pay their respect to Former Union Minister, Shri George Fernandes, Shri Ajay Singh, former Deputy Union Minister along with his wife and say thank you India for hosting the Tibetan community in exile the past 50 years.  Tibetan NGO’s Gun-Chu-Sum, Tibetan Women’s Association, Students for Free Tibet, Tibetan Youth Congress, and the National Democrat Party of Tibet, sponsored the event.

50 years ago when His Holiness the Dalai Lama came to India he was accompanied by only a handful of Tibetans.  He was permitted to stay and given a residence in Dharamshala, an out of the way hill station in the foothills of the Himalayas.    Since his arrival Tibetans have been following their spiritual leader’s path over the great mountain range, nearly 3,000 arriving in India annually. This year Tibetans in India are thanking India for hosting them, and providing a home for their nation for these 50 years. 

His Holiness frequently mentions how important the international community is in resolving the Tibet issue.   He also says that since Buddhism came from India to Tibet and the relationship between the two countries is like teacher to student.

A member of the international community and a representative of the Indian nation Shri George Fernandes told The Tibet Post, “these refugees have human rights in India, shouting,  demonstrating, and protesting are all within their rights.  Never should a Tibetan be arrested in India for exercising his personal freedoms.”

Shri Ajay Singh was commended by the Tibetan NGO’s as being “a true friend and one of the most genuine supporters of Tibetan cause.” He joined with the Tibetans in India and was arrested for standing up for Tibet.  Spokeswomen from Tibetan Women’s Association added, “he has always been there for us when we needed help.”