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7june20094Dharamshala: 20 years old Tenzin Choezom was crowned as the new Miss Tibet by Dr BK Modi, the Chairman of the Spice India Splendour. Choezom is from Dharamshala, a hill station in northern state of India where the exile Tibetan government based for past 50 years. Lobsang Wangyal, the director of the pageant exhibited his traditional dress with long sword, when the final beauty contest took place in Dharamshala on 7th June.

In front of over 30 journalists including, Indian, Tibetan and foreigners from various media and over two thousands of crowd packed public mostly new generations, she said, "I would like to tell all Tibetan youngsters that please come on the stage and show your talent, wit and beauty, especially, Tibetan girls because they are always hiding their talents. Please come on the stage and perform like me."

7june20096Sonam Choedon, the former Miss Tibet, was missing from the ceremony when one of the most famous industrialist in Asia or chairman of the Spice India Splendour, Dr. B.K. Modi crowned Choezom and presented a scholarship cheque for Rs.100,000.

"Winning this title is my dream when I was 16 years old. Another dream is to become a journalist… Being a Miss Tibet for me is like holding an ambassadorial post to represent Tibetan people and contributing towards exiles." she said.

7june20098On 29 May, Tenzin Choezom responded to The Tibet Post, she said "clapping for others' events and watching others' entertainment is not enough, Tibetan women should take a responsibility to walk together with other women 'shoulder to shoulder'.  This is the epitome of our feminine strength and our voice will be heard by many around the world."

Ngawang Choying, the first runner-up, received Rs. 50,000. Dolkar was awarded the third prize with an amount of Rs. 25,000, while Yeshi Lhamo, the final contestant received a consolatory award of Rs. 5,000.

7june20099Performances by traditional Tibetan musicians, Indian kathak dancers and a body building show by a professional body builder were included in the show.

A four-member jury - Natasha Mendez (belly dance instructor), Neelima Kanwar (lecturer at the Himachal Pradesh University), Ram Swaroop (former President of Indo-Tibetan Friendship Association) and Thierry Dodin (Director Tibet Info net) - decided the winner.