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27april20091Dharamshala: TibetPost-27-April-2009-The 14th general body meeting of Dhomay Central Executive Committee began yesterday for 3 days at Kirti monastery in Dharamshala, in the meeting religious rituals to eliminate obstacles including long life prayers offering to His Holiness, the next main topic for the Tibetan struggle, how to protect and preserve Tibetan religion and culture, and the welfare are Tibetans from the Dhomay region of Tibet, the subject elect the new executive committee was also discussed.   

The meeting was attended by former minister, Kirti Rinpoche, the speaker of the Tibetan exile parliament, Mr. Penpa Tsering, the heads and representatives of NGO's,  the president of the central Executive Committee of Dhomay commenced the meeting, and the committee member, Mr. Dolkar Kyab presented the annual report from 2006-2009.

Kirti Rinpoche spoke at the meeting about the Dhomay region and the historical evidence that "the Dhomay region is part of the Great Tibet Country and has contributed significantly to the culture and religion of Tibet, about 20 Golden throne holders, also tutors of his holiness came from Dhomay province."  

"Since coming to exile in 1959 people from Dhomay have served the Tibetan government as ministers, prime ministers and held various official offices, the role of Dhomay in contributing to Tibetan culture both in Tibet and in exile is infallible.  March of last year there were large peaceful protests in the region and many Tibetans gave their lives for their country." said Rinpoche.

Kirti Rinpoche spoke about living conditions for the Dhomay population in exile "the population of Dhomay people are small and they have got limited economic resources, so many new arrivals, especially from Dhomay, are facing difficulties finding food and lodging, so the central committee must work to provide them with the necessary tools, such as a factory where they can find work."  

"When the world leaders' attentions are the economic crisis the Chinese government redoubles the terror campaign within Tibet, sentencing Tibetans to death, arresting individuals for peacefully protesting, and they are even attempting to assert power over US president Obama saying that he should not meet with His Holiness the Dalai Lama when he is in the US in October, they are up to wicked tricks," said Mr. Penpa Tsering, while he presenting a review of the current Chinese policy in Tibet,

Mr. Pema Tsering commented on the state of the Tibetan movement and explained that "20 million Chinese have lost their jobs and the boom time in china is coming to an end, unrest as discontent with the current Chinese administration will mushroom and this could help Tibet gain more meaningful autonomy."

Translated by S. Hart and Yangjam, reporter for The Tibet Post International