Dharamshala — Chinese authorities sentenced a Tibetan writer to four years in prison for writing an article criticising the Chinese government's replacement of the Tibetan language with Chinese in Tibetan schools, which endangers the mother tongue.

Dharamshala – China stated that it has eliminated more than 100 organisations in 2022 under the so-called "Sweep Out the Black and Eliminate the Evil" policy, claiming that these organizations are black and evil. This is a government policy to destroy groups and individuals who do not conform to the CCP's ideas. This action is a serious violation of people's basic rights.

Dharamshala – Gonpo Kyi, the sister of a Tibetan businessman, seeks justice for her brother, Dorjee Tashi, who was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Chinese authorities for alleged "loan fraud" and imprisoned in Drapchi prison, where Tibetan prisoners are known to be subjected to torture.

Dharamshala, India – A Tibetan monk who studied in India and returned home, where he gave teachings to the local population and helped people a lot, but recently he died mysteriously in Lithang prison after being arrested almost a year ago by the Chinese authorities.

Dharamshala – Chinese authorities in Tibet published a political patriotic re-education book for Tibetans, in particular for the monks and nuns in eastern Tibet, to propagate about the development of Tibetan regions and to educate them the patriotic education, in an effort to put an end to future uprisings.

Dharamshala – Chinese authorities in Tibet arrested a Tibetan poet in 2021 for speaking about Tibet's exiled spiritual leader, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, while many Tibetan writers and intellectuals were arrested in the same year for their writings and protection of the Tibetan language. The Chinese government aims to eliminate the unique identity of Tibetans.

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