Spurred on by the arrival of a Chinese work team sent last year to Tongkhor Monastery, Tsera Township, Kardze County, eastern Tibet to institute a reeducation campaign, a protest erupted on April 2nd culminating in a massive police shooting. Refusing to undergo "patriotic reeducation," which entails denouncing His Holiness the Dalai Lama as a separatist and signing documents pledging allegiance to China's Communist Party (CCP), monks of the sangha staged a peaceful demonstration which was met with indiscriminate fire the following day.

Dharamshala: A source from Tibet said Tibetan writer and photographer Mr Gunga Tsangyang was sentenced to five years' imprisonment on Saturday by the Chinese People's Intermediate Court.

Dharamshala: Gu Chu Sum, the Tibetan ex-political prisoners' movement in Dharamsala, India, reports that four Tibetans were executed at 11am on Tuesday in Toelung county, near Lhasa, the Tibetan capital.

A source from Tibet said on October 1st, three young Tibetan adults were arrested by Chinese police in Sogdzong County, eastern Tibet. Gyaltsen, aged 25, Nyima Wangchuk, 24, and Yeshe Namkha, 25 - all residents of Dara village - were taken to Nagchu county and have not been heard from since. Police have refused the arrestees' families any contact with them.

Dharamshala: A source from Tibet said on 10-13 March 2009, inhabitants of four villages in the Upper Lhobo region of Dege Jodha county in Eastern Tibet let their livestock eat their crops as a form of peaceful demonstration against the violence enacted by the Chinese government throughout Tibet since the 10 March 2008 protests. A few neighboring villages also followed their example. Recently, the same four villages refused to accept tractors from the government, and some local young adults expressed their dissatisfaction with Chinese rule.

Dharamshala: An anonymous source reports that eight Tibetans have been arrested by the Chinese armed police in Jodha County, Degay area, Eastern Tibet. The arrests were made in response to farmers from the county refusing to sow crops, in protest against the Chinese government.

Government news sources in Beijing report that for the past week Ngari region of northwestern Tibet (referred to as Ali by Chinese) has been pounded with heavy snowstorms resulting in approximately 30 cm of accumulation. Pulan County was hit hardest, with meter-thick drifts in places that disabled vital roads connecting townships.

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